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We want to remember the good times with family and friends who are no longer with us.

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--Matthew Prather (June 2009)
Matthew was 15 when he died.

--Stacey Fair (Summer 1993)
I know Stacey's name was already added, but the poster was not sure of the year. She died spring/ summer of 1993 from brain cancer. She was a glorious young lady, and life would have offered her much. She was one of the very best people I ever went to school with. She was beautiful, inside and out, kind, generous, sweet, warm-hearted, just exemplary of what a person should be. I think of her continuously, and I often become depressed when my thoughts stray to her and I remember that she's no longer with us. She was a genuine, real person, and my heart goes out to all who knew and miss her. God bless you forever, Stacey Fair! None "Fair"er have ever walked the halls of Dodgen Middle School or Pope High School. Sometimes, my mind drifts back to those lazy, hazy, crazy school days, I and see you walking with such confidence that told everyone that you were going to be someone great. The truth is, you were someone great, even then. You were my friend, and I'll miss you till the end of my life. I wish I could trade places with you. You would have done much more with life than I have done with mine. Enjoy that shining city on the hill. Walk those white marbled, heavenly hallways! One day, I hope to see you with a full-set of angelic wings on your back. You were a true angel in life, why wouldn't you be one in the afterlife? May God bless your pristine, sterling soul forever. :) Chris Mackey
--Daryl Harris (2006)
Farewell, Daryl. You were one of the most accepting people I've ever known. I know God will be just as accepting to you in his shining city on the hill. May God bless your soul for an eternity

--Charles 'Chuck' Akins (12/15/2003)
--Kari Balchunas (March 31, 2007)
Can't wait to see you in Glory, my sweet sweet sister!
--Jill Jones (1992)
--J.J. Kane
You were an awesome athlete and friend!! You are missed!!!
--Steve Levy (12/15/91)
Not sure of the exact date. We miss you Steve.

--Stacey Fair (??????)
--Suzanne Lee (1993 or 1994?)
--Stephanie Little (February 5th, 2010)
Cervical Cancer Stephanie June Little went to be with the Lord on February 5th, 2010 from her parents' home in Newberry, Fl. Born February 7, 1974 in Lake City, Fl she would have been 36 this year. She attended Santa Fe High School, graduated from Alan C Pope High School in Marietta, Ga, attended Georgia State University on a volleyball scholarship and received additional education in Oregon and Kentucky. She is the daughter of Richard C. and Susan G. Parker of Newberry, Fl and Stephen F. Little of Lake City, Fl., the granddaughter of Finley J. and Eloise Little of Lake City, Fl., Alice M. Parker and the late Rev. Charlie Parker of Fort White, Fl. She is the granddaughter of the late Bettye Catledge Blankenship of Lake City, Fl and Andrew Jackson Higginbotham of Jacksonville, Fl. She is the sister of Joseph Stephen Little and Christopher Jacob Little of Lake City, Fl and the aunt of Lynzee Rochelle Little and Julian Joseph Little of Lake City, Fl. Stephanie's partner in life is Erin E. Strong of Tallahassee, Fl. Stephanie spent the last year of her life in Tallahassee where she is a member of the local roller derby team, The Tallahassee Rollergirls. Stephanie loves her friends dearly and our family holds special places in their hearts for the angels God sent in Stephanie's friends: Jodie Russell, Meridith Howell and Jessica Pulliam. These angels spent night and day by Stephanie's side providing love and care. The service will be held at 11:00 am on February 13, 2010 at Gateway Forest Lawn Chapel in Lake City, Fl and will be officiated by Rev. Joy Glanzer. Family and guests welcomed at the Lake City Shrine Club on Brown Road following interment at Memorial Cemetery. In lieu of flowers, donations can be made to Spread the Love Charity at www.stlcharity.org.

--Mike Hall (1994)

--Ben Dye (1994)
--Edward Ferguson (May 2006)
--Jeremy Hitt (1997 or 98?)
--Scott Ida (1994)

--Jeff Barnes (1996)
Miss you "Barnyard"
--Tom Montgomery (1996 or 1997)
One of the kindest, funniest people I have ever known.

--Ryan Brumbelow (1996)
Tragic passing of an extremely loved guy.
--Judd Graham (March 24, 2007)
You were the best father, son, brother and friend! You are missed every day!

--Jannon Barker (March 1, 2007)
--Stephen Lee (2007)
Loved by All
--Ashley Unger (2006)

1997 (I believe)
--Stephen Schornak (2006)
Stephen was killed while fighting in Iraq. He left behind a wife and young son.

--Jack Alexander (Jan 1, 2007)
Always in our hearts.
--Matt Barger (May 15, 2012)
--Sarah O'neill (11/1/1996)
i think about you every day!!! gone too soon!!!!
--John Struck (1999)
You are missed.

--Jack Alexander (January 1)
Jack was quiet but such a great guy!
--Justin Childs
--Jonathon Rice
--Robert Garrison 'Gary' Tolar (March 24th, 2008)
When the time we have now ends. When the big hand goes round again. Can you still feel the butterflies? Can you still hear the last goodnight? Close my eyes and believe wherever you are, an angel for me. -Jimmy Eat World.
--Gary Tolar (2008)
You were the best little brother anyone could ask for. We miss you more everyday and can't wait to see you again. We love you!!
--Jared Webb (1997)
We all miss you baby.

--Michelle Reeves (2003)
--Kristen Syrios (2005)
--Kristen Nicole Syrios (2005)
Missing you every minute of everyday. Kristen you made a difference while you were here....

--Erin Diamond
--Brendan Miller Miller (January 2010)
--Zana Swift Swift (August 2009)

--Kimberly Andrews
Miss you baby girl. We know your keeping "stats" up in heaven. :)
--Saba Arzanzarrin (2011)
--Chris Early (2010)
--Ryan Hagood (April 19, 2005)
--Andrew Oswald

--Jeff Harbord (2010)
--Stephen Johnson (Oct 6, 2006)
Stephen became a United States Marine in Oct 6, 2005. He deployed July of 2006 to Iraq. He was killed in action on Oct 6, 2006. Thank you for serving your country and protecting us. Semper Fidelis
--Chad Wallace (2008)

--Jacob Blackmore (February 8, 2011)

Spanish Teacher
--Barbara Kuehne (November 12, 2010)

--Cathy Traeger (1998)
We still miss you, brown-eyed girl. Your friends and former students will never forget your effect on their lives!
--Kathy Traeger (1998)
I never met Kathy, but i heard wonderful things about her and i recieved an award from her and may she Rest In Peace. God Bless

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